Prague Day 2 - Old Town and Tim Burton

Day 2 of my family trip to Prague! We decided to head straight for the "Old Town" on our first proper day of sight seeing. I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to holidays as I like to get as much stuff crammed into them as possible, I feel as though if you don't decide what you want to do in advance you miss out on important things. 

My rule is always to pre-book the dinners (sometimes even before you travel) as that way you can guarantee you can get a swish table at somewhere where "fingers crossed" locals hangout... (I usually use Conde Nast Traveller or The San Pellegrino List to find out best restaurant recommendations) and I always leave lunch free as when you are sight seeing you are more than likely to stumble upon somewhere reasonable and not too expensive.... and if it turns out it was a bit cheaper but wasn't nice you know that you have a lovely dinner to look forward to. Luckily Prague had lovely little restaurants dotted all over the city, so we weren't hard pressed to find a decent lunch spot.

This is just outside Prague Old Town, with my parents.

The ornate gothic architecture in Prague is simply stunning.

I loved the frescos painted onto this building.

Every hour masses of people gather in the square to look up at this:

Its called the Astronomical clock, or the "Orloj" as the locals call it. Its pretty much like the Prague version of Big Ben. Built in 1410 its the worlds oldest working clock, but the reason people watch it strike is not only to see the time (useful as that is) but to see the "walk of the apostles,"the whole thing is like a cuckoo clock and when each hour passes the windows flap open reveal a procession of wooden carvings of each apostle, much to the delight of the crowds below.

The clock has many faces displaying all sorts of information including the position of the sun and moon in the sky and the current month. 
There they are!
A few more apostles.
We were supposed to go up to the tippy top of the Astronomical tower which boasts the beautiful clock, but we didn't want to wait in the enormous queue so we settled for doing a tour of the building instead.

They started the tour with the inside of the clock.
These are the Apostle "cuckoo" figures which pop out of the clock. Some of them were destroyed during the war.

And then they took us to the rest of the chambers of the building. 
I called this room the Bavarian room.
Mum getting her tourist on.

Our tour guide, due to the extreme impatience of my family (its actually becoming a problem) we decided to take the tour in German as it was an hour earlier than the English one. So I can't tell you what on earth this man was saying, but I assume it was something historical and important.
Luckily they had English guide books available.

The Czech's are extremely proud of their sporting prowess, and had this great display at their town hall.
Serena has nothing on this tennis outfit.

Yasmin wasn't taking the tour all that seriously.
She was having an Alice in Wonderland moment.
Following mum down into the old prisons.

Prisoners graffiti which date back to 1699.
Dont mind me.
This amazing mosaic was in the last room of the tour. It covered the entire ceiling and all the walls.

Skirt: H&M, Top: Etsy, Coat: Zara, Boots: Zara, Tights: M&S.
After our tour was done we headed back into the main square to check out the Easter market.

Yasmin and I were tempted by these long bread-like things called Trdelnik.

Sweet pastry wrapped around a stick, they tasted like cinnamon rolls.

Easter egg tree.
Mum exploring the market.

I found this lonely looking set of eyes in the square, they looked like they belonged to something out of a Tim Burton film.
Sure enough they did belong to something out of a Tim Burton film..... everyone meet Balloon boy, a character from one of Tim Burtons poems. 
Turns out the director/artist/writer/poet extrodinaire currently has an exhibition which despite all my planning I kew NOTHING about. My sister and I have been big fans of his films, we used to watch Beetle Juice over and over and over (for some reason its always on TV in Brazil) and one of my first boyfriends gave me Burton's poetry book (its not as romantic as it sounds!) We were so excited to find out that just behind Balloon Boy "The World of Tim Burton" awaited us. 

Temporary pop-up Tim Burton Cafe, with one of his artworks on display.

No photos were allowed past this point but I did sneak a few on my iphone.... (I feel really bad about this, but I couldn't not!)

Afterwards my dad and I visited the Tim Burton gift shop to pick up some posters, turns out my dad loved the exhibition so much he wanted to pick up a Balloon Boy mug (and it also turned out that my mum wasn't as big a fan of the wacky world of Tim.) 

One of the posters I bought. 
I thought I'd take this opportunity to share my favourite Tim Burton Poem from that Poetry book I got when I was younger (I've still got it knocking around in my room at home somewhere!)

Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love

Stick Boy liked Match Girl,
He liked her a lot.
He liked her cute figure,
he thought she was hot.
But could a flame ever burn
for a match and a stick?
It did quite literally;
he burned up quick.