Love Brunch

If you live in London and you haven't heard of Love Brunch (New York's most famous export to London after bagels) you have probably been living under a rock. What it is is a party in the middle of the day on a Saturday, brilliant. Can't believe I didn't come up with that myself. Some clever clogs in London visited New York and after seeing the yanks do it... they brought it over here for us to enjoy, now I'm not a big fan of plagiarism but seeing as they stole the industrial revolution, our economy and our language, I think its only fair we took something back for ourselves.

I hadn't yet been and have been desperate to try it out so when Camilla decided she was having her birthday there I couldn't have been happier.  
Myself with the Birthday Girl, Camilla.
After getting inside you realize that it is a completely alien feeling to be in a nightclub in the middle of the day, you feel like you are being extremely naughty and shouldn't be there, this sort of fun should be illegal.... but after a few mojitos we were giggly and ready to hit the dance floor and it wouldn't have mattered what time of day it was.

Yes its the middle of the afternoon in this photo, as you can tell I'm having a pretty good time!

There is food, fog machines, fire dancers. The works. Its the perfect place for a birthday.

The crowd is a really cool mix of hipsters and the preppy types, all of them out in full swing.....Aaaand I'm not going to lie if you are single you will really enjoy it here ; )

The live band playing along to D&B really added to the atmosphere. The DJ was  really good, (which I don't say very often!)

Visit their website or twitter to find out more about events and tickets:


Broken Crown

Seriously under-rated song by Mumford & Sons. Have a listen.



Mind the Gap!

Last night I took a trip to The Underground Supper Club, on the end of the Victoria Line on Whalthamstow. Fittingly we were to be dining on a Victoria Line tube carriage, decommissioned in 1967.... Traveling on the tube is one of my least favourite parts of living in London, so I wondered why I had gotten myself into this pickle? Alas my worries were over when I realised that the tube we were meant to be eating on was safely overground in the Walthamstow Pumphouse Transport Museum, I felt like I was either in the film "Cars" or spooky horror film, surrounded by derelict buses and cars. Needless to say it was a pretty awesome place to be going to for dinner.

Inside was a completely different matter, a beautiful restaurant laid out with all the trimings: wine, great music, and amazing food by chef Alex Cooper.

First off was a soup, which as great as it was starting to get chilly in the carriage.

We opted for a bottle of red to help combat the cold (luckily blankets were provided and the doors, which are still functioning, closed once everyone arrived.)

The second course was risotto balls on a bed of greenery.

I decided that because we were eating on the tube it would be topical to wear my vintage mouse necklace....  those furry fiends love chilling out in London's underground. (Its kind of gross)

The 3rd Course was poussin and mash with a side of mushroom toast. This was my favourite of them all, Alex explained to me later on that lots of chefs use an app called "foodpairing" to help them come up with new flavour combinations.. I downloaded it this morning and can't wait to start using it.

Last there was the magnificent pudding. Chocolate mousse with apple jelly a mango jus and crunchy caramel nut biscuit.

After sneaking a peak in their makeshift kitchen I thought it was incredible how there was such excellent presentation throughout the meal, no easy feat.

Alex came around to each table to ask us what we did and didn't enjoy. He employs what he calls a very experimental way of cooking, so he likes to know what diners think worked and what didn't.

After everyone left and the waiters were done tidying up we stayed on to play in the tube carriage (I really wanted to have a go at opening and closing the doors!)

I'm still wearing the blanket they gave us.. it was too warm and cozy to shrug off.

We made our way to the front of the train....

They had a really nifty gadget on the ipad for paying.

After we were done paying I drove us home via the victoria line.

Just kidding!!!

Underground Supper Club
10 South Access Road 
Walthamstow, London 
E17 8AX
For bookings go here: www.basementgalley.com